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If you liked the movie, The Birdcage – this one is for you. It’s the heartwarming and sweet story of a gay man who takes his niece and nephew for the summer following family tragedy. 

An NPR Book of the Year

Finalist for the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards

“Heartwarming, hilarious…Rowley finds humor and poignancy in the snappy narrative….Readers will find this delightful and illuminating.” –Publishers Weekly

“Patrick is a memorable character, and it’s genuinely thrilling to read screenwriter-turned-novelist Rowley’s take on the mechanics of stardom….There’s true insight here into the psychology of gay men, Hollywood, and parenting. A novel with some real depth beneath all its witty froth.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Influenced by comic dialogue that would make Neil Simon jealous, the novel’s serious undercurrent of loss gives way, in the end, to a warmth that will make readers smile….A funny, gentle tale of family and friends, and a salve for the wounds they often cause.” –Library Journal
“Rowley’s sensitive and witty exploration of grief and healing soothes with a delectable lightness and cunning charm.” –Booklist

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