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This book follows Oh William!  in the Lucy Barton series.  It’s 2020, and the virus is just starting to infiltrate New York city.  Lucy’s former husband whisks her away to a remote Maine cottage as the pandemic unfolds.  In just under 300 pages so much happens….

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From Pulitzer Prize–winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Strout comes a poignant, pitch-perfect novel about a divorced couple stuck together during lockdown—and the love, loss, despair, and hope that animate us even as the world seems to be falling apart. (Amazon)

“No novelist working today has Strout’s extraordinary capacity for radical empathy, for seeing the essence of people beyond reductive categories, for uniting us without sentimentality. I didn’t just love Lucy by the Sea; I needed it. May droves of readers come to feel enlarged, comforted, and genuinely uplifted by Lucy’s story.”—The Boston Globe

“[Strout} injects sneaky subterranean power into seemingly transparent prose.”—New York Times Book Review

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