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This was my first time reading Bill Bryson, and now I can’t wait to try one of his other books. This work of non-fiction is incredibly interesting, focusing on a memorable summer in American history. Bryson reveals a series of major events that happened in 1927, including the flight that made Charles Lindbergh famous, Babe Ruth’s amazing season in baseball, presidential politics, and more. The book contains so many stories and facts, and they’re all told in a funny, engaging style.

“Bryson is a marvelous historian, not only exhaustively accurate, but highly entertaining. If you avoid textbook histories because they seem too dry, pick up One Summer, or any other of Mr. Bryson’s books. They are intelligent delights.” —The Huffington Post

 “A wonderful romp . . . . Fascinating. . . . Written in a style as effervescent as the time itself.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Addictively readable.” —The Wall Street Journal

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