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Hugh and Dana Clarke are expecting their first child.  They have a loving marriage, successful jobs and a beautiful house.  Hugh is the descendant of an ancient and illustrious New England family.  Dana is practically an orphan; her mother died tragically when she was young and her father has not been part of her life.  So, when their daughter Lizzie is born with definite African American traits, each parent looks to the other with questions.  This is a fascinating tale of genealogy, family relations, trust, mistrust and race.

“Full of complex and fascinating family dynamics as its characters are forced to come to terms with issues such as faith, race, and loyalty, Family Tree is thought provoking and memorable. . . . Delinksy will be ‘discovered’ by a new generation of readers.”—Bookpage

“Delinksy smoothly challenges characters and readers alike to confront their hidden hypocrisies.”
Publishers Weekly

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