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Each time I opened this book I was transported to the quaint fishing camp in northwestern Maine and completely engaged in the lives of the first owner, Joe, the WWII war hero and his wife, son Joe, the Vietnam draft dodger and his girlfriend, Lucy, and finally, as their tale unravels,  what lay in store for young Kate and Jordan.  Through these characters’ lives I finally came to understand the impact and unexpected consequences of one particular guest who had spent a week or more at the camp every summer for thirty years.  Don’t wait for the summer, read it now!


The Summer Guest is a jewel, the best book I’ve read in a long, long time…. By all means take it to the beach, but be warned that it’s more than entertainment – it’s a work of art. Justin Cronin has written a great American novel…. reading this novel, I couldn’t help but think of Hemingway, Andre Dubus and Wallace Stegner.”—Susan Balee, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Here is a gifted and assured writer whose work reveals a fine sense of place and thoughtful characters who have something worth saying…. The Summer Guest is a haunting story about the way time changes us and about what endures.”—Houston Chronicle

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