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After reading a book review about this book, I instantly requested this book to read since I have running daughters and the 2014 Boston Marathon is just around the corner.   I started reading it one evening , pushed all my other reading to the side, and continued reading this page- turner into the next day non-stop. This is the story behind the scenes of the famous 2013 Marathon photo –Carlos in his cowboy hat and Jeff with blown off legs pushed in a wheelchair by a woman. Waking up groggy after multiple surgeries, Jeff’s only thought was to tell the police that he had made eye-to-eye contact with the bomber which then led to one of the largest manhunts our country has witnessed.  Jeff set his goal to be able to walk on bionic legs by this Monday’s Marathon anniversary.  What a year he has shared with the Bruins, the Red Sox, James Taylor, the Watertown police to name but a few.  Jeff tells us who inspired him to fight through the grueling therapies and how he decided to accept a public role to inspire others.

“A moving demonstration of how strength of mind and character helped one man stand tall despite the loss of his legs.”—Kirkus

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