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Here is a book with characters you will love to hate.  A relentlessly immoral man having tasted literary fame once will stop at nothing in his pursuit of success.

“Boyne’s mastery of perspective, last seen in 2017’s The Heart’s Invisible Furies, works beautifully here….Boyne understands that it’s far more interesting and satisfying for a reader to see that narcissist in action than to be told a catchall phrase. Each step Maurice Swift takes skyward reveals a new layer of calumny he’s willing to engage in, and the desperation behind it….so dark it seems almost impossible to enjoy reading A Ladder to the Sky as much as you definitely will enjoy reading it.” —NPR

“Boyne expertly explores notions of originality and authorship through multiple first-person accounts of the despicable Swift. As a result, his latest novel is absorbing, horrifying, and recommended.”– Library Journal (starred review)

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