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Rush to grab this moving, unlikely story narrated in alternating chapters by Grace, abandoned in foster homes her whole young life, and Nate Larson, her grandfather recently released from prison. Magic tricks, magic patter, and magic shows advance the mounting tension and enrich the larger questions concerning loyalty, love, and wonder. This is storytelling at its best and it takes place in our New England!

“A tender tale of loyalty, gratitude, and the healing power of magical wonder; Rosen’s gifted storytelling will appeal to readers beyond genre boundaries.” Booklist

 “Nate Larson has been in federal prison in what the feds admit is a miscarriage of justice….The feds release him to take custody of his granddaughter, who, as an orphan, has gone into foster care. The hitch is that he must testify against his brother, Dima, who is suspected of child sex trafficking….Fourteen-year-old Grace Larson is stuck in “foster care hell” in Massachusetts, being shunted from one “rental parent” to another, some of whom sexually abuse her. So when a court order sends her to live with Nate, whom she doesn’t know, she is deeply suspicious. Nate shows her magic tricks he’s perfected during his confinement, leaving her slack-jawed with wonder…So whom to betray, his brother or granddaughter? Nate and Grace are both smart and deeply sympathetic people who have felt great pain in their lives. .. The story twists, turns, and—presto! A brilliant solution” – Kirkus Reviews

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