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Frank is a holdout in his small English city in 1988: he refuses to sell anything in his music shop except for vinyl, and he has a gift for matching people with the record they need. He belongs to a community of colorful characters, all of whom are affected by a newcomer’s arrival at the shop one day. This is a charming, heartfelt story without being too corny or sentimental.

“Whether on foot, as in her novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, or track by track, on this unlikely musical odyssey, Joyce excels in enveloping readers in epic journeys of lost connections and loving reunions.”Booklist

 “Joyce sets up a charming cast of characters, and her spirals into the sonic landscapes of brilliant musicians are delightful, casting a vivid backdrop for the quietly desperate romance between Frank and Ilse. From nocturnes to punk, this musical romance is ripe for filming.”Kirkus Reviews

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