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Just released – June 2018!  I can’t wait to tell my mother.  She and I had debated for hours about the meaning of the ending of Umrigar’s first book –  The Space Between Us  –  the story of the deep friendship between two women of very different stations in India.  Written as beautifully as her first book, this new friendship and journey of two women both born without privilege pushes the very boundaries on earth.  No need to read in order – both are powerhouse novels!

“The women at the heart of this novel inhabit the harsh world of the urban Indian poor, and struggle separately and together for dignity and survival. Thrity Umrigar has written a moving human tale that vividly brings to life both the women and the city of Mumbai.”  (Salman Rushdie)

“[The Secrets Between Us] provides an almost “Siddhartha”-esque experience of sharing a character’s spiritual journey, as the plot takes Bhima and Parvati to places where they must question their preconceptions, search their souls and ultimately change.” (Newsday)

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