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What happens when women suddenly inherit unlimited power which allows them to inflict pain and/or death to anyone who tries to attack them? Teenage girls start to run amok and the patriarchy is turned on its head for starters…but is the world where women are in charge more peaceful and less violent? The author goes to the extreme to make some points, but there is very interesting social commentary in this one.

“I was riveted by every page. Alderman’s prose is immersive and, well, electric, and I felt a closed circuit humming between the book and me as I read.”―Amal El-MohtarNew York Times Book Review

“Sometimes lightning does strike the same place twice. Sometimes it strikes a whole bunch of times. In Orange Award winner Naomi Alderman’s chilling The Power, women across the globe discover a sudden ability to harness their aggression by inflicting electric shocks through their fingertips. Fans of speculative fiction (see also: Margaret Atwood and Ben Marcus) about empowered youth will be struck by Alderman’s speedy and thorough inhabitation of a world just different enough from ours to jolt the imagination.”  – Sloane CrosleyVanity Fair

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