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Diana’s writing exudes open hearted joy in all of life’ s unexpected bumps in the road.  Her mixed heritage of Jordanian, American, Irish and German roots brew a contagious excitement for life throughout her family stories and her cooking.  Hilarious, gorgeously written, poignant, and wise, Life Without a Recipe is Diana’s celebration of journeying without a map, of learning to ignore the script and improvise, of escaping family and making family on one’s own terms. Curl up, warm up, and laugh with any of her books to stave off the winter blues.

“[A] deliciously candid story….Generously seasoned by an abiding love of food and a keen eye for the nuances of human relationships, this book is a reminder that however unpredictable it may be, life is a dish to be savored. A delectably warm and wise memoir.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Filled with visceral joys and literary beauty as well as soulful honesty and a gripping story. Diana Abu-Jaber writes trenchantly and gorgeously about family, marriage, and motherhood with insights and connections that feel hard-won and richly earned. Her sharp intelligence and unsparing self-knowledge bristle on every page alongside her passionate brio for life in all its flavors and complexities.”- Kate Christensen, author of Blue Plate Special and The Great Man

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