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True life story.  Holly FitzGerald and her husband set off on the adventure of their dreams a year into their marriage in the late ’70’s.  The harrowing story of what went wrong in the Amazon and how they survived, kept me racing through chapters as if my survival was bound up with theirs.  Short crisp chapters, excellent editing, and riveting determination make this a winner read.

“Both travel memoir and shocking adventure story, like a real-life Survivor or Naked and Afraid . . . A powerful story about survival, love, and faith in the face of impossible odds . . .  Unputdownable . . . absolutely fascinating.”—Katie Lawrence, Library Journal

“One of the great survival tales. An almost unbearable story told with a physical and emotional intensity that draws the reader in, not just as witness, but as virtual participant. It’s an exhausting, painful, inspiring read.”—Michael Palin, author of Traveling to Work

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