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Are you looking for a leisurely-paced gentle read?  You may want to try this heartwarming novel about Lydia Hoffman, a young woman who takes a giant step of faith in opening her own yarn store after recovering from a serious illness. Along the way, Lydia makes discoveries about herself while helping others to do the same.  This is the first in a series.

“Fans of Debbie Macomber’s contemporary romances and novels of women’s lives prize her inspirational stories, domestic settings, and sympathetic heroines. Macomber’s protagonists are ordinary women who are sometimes caught in difficult situations, but remain optimistic through every adversity.” – Novelist

“Macomber is a master storyteller; any one of these characters could have been a stereotype in less talented hands. Instead, these women and their stories are completely absorbing.” -RT Book Reviews

“Debbie Macomber tells women’s stories in a way no one else does.” –BookPage

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