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A tale of hope and heartache set in post World War II Australia that explores life and grief and the randomness of tragedy.  Not only does the author explore the intersecting lives of the four main characters, but Ashley Hay also creates remarkable sensory details for the reader to savor and experience – the astonishing views, tastes and smells of the Australian seaside town of Thirroul, as well as the clamor and clack of the railway cars through the town and the surrounding countryside.

“Multilayered, graceful, couched in poetry, supremely honest, gentle yet jarring, Hay’s thought-provoking novels pulls you along slowly, like a deep river that is deceptively calm but full of hidden rapids.  Much to ponder.”  Kirkus Reviews

“Exquisitely written and deeply felt, The Railwayman’s Wife is limpid and deep as the rock pools on the coastline beloved by this book’s characters and just as teeming with vibrant life. Ashley Hay’s novel of love and pain is a true book of wonders.” -Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Secret Chord

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