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In 2009, Gourmet magazine suddenly closes its doors and Ruth faces a world with no job.  Part personal narrative, part cookbook, heal with Ruth as she turns to her favorite recipes and foods for the seasons.  Beautifully illustrated, the book exudes warmth and cheer.  Food therapy at its best!

“Ruth is one of our greatest storytellers today, which you will feel from the moment you open this book and begin to read: No one writes as warmly and engagingly about the all-important intersection of food, life, love, and loss. This book is a lyrical and deeply intimate journey told through recipes, as only Ruth can do.”—Alice Waters

“The dishes are clearly fun and uplifting for Reichl, and the unexpected shift from culinary guru to happy home cook chases her blues away. Reichl reminds readers that getting lost in a recipe can be excellent therapy.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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