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My next pick is going to be Mindy Kaling’s new memoir/essays “Why not me?”. It comes out today.  I absolutely loved her last book “Is everyone hanging out without me?”, which I listened to on CD (read by the author, even better). If anyone is a fan of her comedy TV writing (The Office, The Mindy Project), this new book is a must-read. Her writing is very funny, sweet and honest.

“…insightful personal essays from one of Hollywood’s cleverest writers… Intrepid and often irreverent, Kaling humbly probes her own triumphs and defeats with laugh-out-loud results”. —Kirkus Reviews

“Kaling has written a second book that’s funnier, sharper and more confident than her 2011 collection of personal essays and pop culture riffs called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).  Even the title of that initial effort implied that Kaling was trying to find her place; the tone of this new one announces that she’s found it and is more than comfortable inviting people to spend time with her there.”—Washington Post

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