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In this mystery set in the Boston area, the author explores the dysfunctional marriage of tall beautiful Hannah and her distracted climate scientist husband, Lovell.

When Hannah doesn’t return home one day, the family unit starts to crumble. Their children find solace elsewhere – Janine, the teenage daughter with the couple next door and Ethan with his He-Man toys. Lovell immerses himself in his work and courts the media in his effort to find his missing wife.

The many references to local spots, South Boston, Carson Beach, MIT, Martha’s Vineyard, will keep the reader turning pages in this psychological thriller which is similar to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

“Pitlor brings forth the emotions that surge beneath the surface with the precision and power of a conductor . . . This powerful analysis of how dreams become nightmares will make readers want to hold their loved ones close.” —Booklist, starred review

 “Likely to linger in the reader’s mind . . . a perfect microscope with which to examine the inexhaustible fascinations of marriage, and as Pitlor flashes between the day of Hannah’s disappearance and Lovell’s uneasy consideration of their past resentments, she finds a nice voice — thoughtful, lyrical, unforced.” —New York Times Book Review

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