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I thoroughly enjoyed this description of MacLaughlin’s journey from working behind a desk at the Boston Phoenix to discovering a new career as a carpenter’s assistant.  Her construction jobs take place in the Boston area and are full of local color and characters.  She has a beautiful way with words infusing quotes and stories from her college major in the Classics.  This is a special story, very well told.  

“A former journalist tells the story of how a longing to “engage with the tangible, to do work that resulted in something I could touch” led to an unexpectedly fulfilling career as a carpenter. As she neared 30, former Boston Phoenix editor MacLaughlin came to the painful realization that the job she once thought was “the coolest job in the world” no longer satisfied her…..The carpenter doing the search, also a woman, took a chance and hired MacLaughlin, despite her total lack of experience….A surprisingly thoughtful book about taking chances and finding joy in change.” – Kirkus Reviews

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