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Two delightfully humorous and “veddy” British short stories which deal with the strange nature of possessions or the lack thereof.  In the first story, Mr. and Mrs. Ransome return from a night out at the opera only to find that all of their possessions have been stolen, even the roll of toilet paper. Who will they become without the belongings that they have accumulated over the years?

The second story, to be released later in 2015 as a movie starring Maggie Smith, is laugh-out-loud funny.  What would you do if a very eccentric mature woman parked her van in your driveway, refused to move and stayed for fifteen years.  This book will lift your spirits on a rainy day!

The Clothes They Stood Up In…... is a completely charming entertainment: a small gem by one of Britain’s most versatile and gifted writers.”   -Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times
“Sharp…a happy evening’s read and a tantalizing mental challenge to those of us who, like the Ransomes, find [our] lives encumbered and [our] senses blunted by too much stuff.” -Brooke Allen, The New York Times Book Review