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Born into a struggling Midwestern farming family, Libby Day is traumatized in childhood by horrendous acts of violence which she refers to as Darkplace. Decades later, alienated and adrift, she is contacted by a group of crime enthusiasts known as the Kill Club who offer money in exchange for information about her incarcerated brother Ben, from whom she is estranged. Cynical at first, Libby accepts out of financial need but soon her investigations become an urgent personal quest for truth as she uncovers misunderstandings and half-truths that challenge her long-held beliefs about Darkplace. This well-written psychological suspense story will keep you on edge to the explosive conclusion.  Author of the very popular book, Gone Girl.

“Flynn’s well-paced story deftly shows the fallibility of memory and the lies a child tells herself to get through a trauma.” The New Yorker

“Flynn’s second crime thriller tops her impressive debut, Sharp Objects…When the truth emerges, it’s so twisted that even the most astute readers won’t have predicted it.”Publishers Weekly, starred review

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