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Lynne Olson focuses on three extraordinary Americans who were in London from 1939-1945, Edward R. Morrow, the broadcast journalist, John Gilbert Winant, the American ambassador to Great Britain, and Averell Harriman, a confidante of both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Their relationships with each other and others, including Pamela Churchill, the prime minister’s daughter-in-law and Tommy Hitchcock, a wealthy bon-vivant who flew fighter planes, changed the course of history. The author brings war-torn London alive in a fascinating way! This book was a great hit with Weston’s new Non-Fiction Book Discussion Group.

“Ingenious history . . . All three men were colorful, larger-than-life figures, and Olson’s absorbing narrative does them justice.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)\

“An engaging history . . . a vibrant city fueled by courage and resolve.”—The Christian Science Monitor

“[A] cracking good read.”—New York Post

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