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I discovered this diamond in the rough.  Four people, having hit rock bottom in their varied lives, who don’t even really like each other but are forced to live in an apartment in Paris because there is nowhere else, somehow rise above their broken lives.   Through dialogue alone, one learns about their back stories.  From the dust cover:  “Apart, they may be homeless, but together, this curious, damaged quartet may be able to face the world”.  This is a hopeful, uplifting book.  Their journey-to-find joy will stick with you long after you have put the book down.  I have heard from some who make it a point to re-read this book every year.

“Enjoyable, well-paced and engaging” — Houston Times Literary Supplement

“Like Amelie, Hunting and Gathering stops at nothing to make the reader feel good. Reading it reminded me of tucking into one of those beautifully constructed little cakes that you see in the windows of elegant French patisseries” Sunday Telegraph

“An elegant, ironic tale. This will be a classic.” Cosmopolitan

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