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Don’t miss this book!  I almost did since the title was off-putting to me.  Open the covers of this book and savor a collection of previously published stories about her family, friends, dogs, divorce, books, her own bookstore, and……her husband.   It’s a portrait of Ann Patchett’s whole  life.  You will definitely find favorites.  I love the story about Ann training for the LAPD test to make her father proud…or her hilarious attempt to enjoy a Winnebago vacation.  

“I had been so engaged by Ann Patchett’s multifaceted story, so lured in by her confiding voice, that I forgot I was on the job. […] As the best personal essays often do, Patchett’s is a two-way mirror, reflecting both the author and her readers.” (New York Times Book Review)

“The best advertisement for Ann Patchett’s new collection of nonfiction is anything else Ms. Patchett has written…Ms. Patchett’s style is not overly confessional, but it is beguiling in ways that make her sound like someone you’d want to know.” (New York Times)

“Each of the essays is its own delight and resonates with warmth and humor… If read straight through, the book presents a lovely and lyrical look at a life well lived.” (Library Journal)

“Readable and candid, Patchett’s collection is a joyful celebration of life, love and the written word.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Reading Patchett is like spending time with a deeply perceptive longtime pal, or a new friend that one instantly connects with.” (USA Today)

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